Monday, 12 September 2011

What has happened to PEOPLE & FRIENDSHIPS???

Well well,
My brain's ALWAYS working overtime, it's CONSTANTLY BUZZING about life, people, friendships, relationships and the future. Over the past few years after hearing others' stories and from personal experiences of MY OWN I've been left wondering WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO PEOPLE AND FRIENDSHIPS????? I remember years ago as a child, when your parents used to have SOOOOO MANY friends come around to the house, there was laughter, fun, jokes, plenty of eating, drinking and WAAAAAY too much chatting, lol. As a teenager and in your 20's friends were EVERYWHERE but as the 30's hit, something took place that I can't quite put my finger on but I noticed MAJOR CHANGES in people/friends. In recent years I'm not too sure of whats happened to FRIENDSHIPS that once were. Has something changed in people that has made them become MEAN, EVIL, SELFISH and UNCARING??? When did society take on this 'every man for himself' attitude???  People are no longer REAL FRIENDS-there's NO SINCERITY, NO CARING MANNER & NO LOYALTY.  I think people actually KNOW when they are acting this way and showing a bad side to others' but they like to shrug it off as NOTHING when it seriously IS SOMETHING. People just want to use other people now and 9 times out of 10 have an ULTERIOR MOTIVE. I understand totally that people CAN & DO drift apart as their live's take different paths, but to me if you have a friend, it DOESN'T & SHOULDN'T matter what takes place in one's life you should ALWAYS have each others' backs.  Personally I think people have ALLOWED JEALOUSY & GRUDGE to cloud their thoughts and take over and this comes out in the way they ACT towards another individual.  People should ALWAYS remember that their ACTIONS SPEAK SO MUCH LOUDER THAN WORDS, so when one thinks people HAVEN'T recognised what is going on, it's VERY CLEAR to see what IS TAKING PLACE.  I really think it's time for people to look into THEMSELVES and sort it out, clearly there's something NOT QUITE RIGHT for an individual to just show a different side to somebody they call a FRIEND or maybe they never regarded that person as a friend in the 1st place.    Anyhow I KNOW I have ALWAYS been ME, NEVER HAVE I SHOWN ANY BAD SIDE simply because I DON'T have 1, NEVER have I had JEALOUS feelings towards anyone or GRUDGED anybody for anything........IF ONLY people could be this way too, things and friendships would be MUCH BETTER. Well me as one individual CANNOT CHANGE the majority so I guess I'll have to LEAVE THEM TO IT, cos I DON'T work with "if you can't beat them, join them" mentality as that's JUST NOT ME!!!!!!!!

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