Friday, 16 September 2011

Have people become 'OVER' sensitive or have we ALLOWED jealousy to take us over???

Oh boy,
How, oh how did people become so sensitive? Or has this jealous way of living really taken over?  I was on my travels around london recently and overheard a conversation a woman behind me on the bus was having on her phone with someone.  She was telling the person that a 'friend' of hers was 'doing GOOD'.  It seems like she had in turn said to that 'friend' that she "wishes she could do GOOD too" and was then accused by the 'friend' of GRUDGING her. The woman on the phone was SOOOOOO UPSET explaining to the listener on the phone, her side of the story, lol.  I kind of felt sorry for her a bit because she was trying her best to prove a point that she was NOT GRUDGING her 'friend'.  Now this can be looked upon in 2 ways because firstly I can understand what she's saying as she claims if she's wishing GOOD FOR HERSELF then how can that be GRUDGING SOMEBODY ELSE, right???  But secondly it could be argued that if she never knew that her 'friend' was 'DOING GOOD' she WOULDN'T have been wishing that SAME GOOD for herself at that moment in time.  Why did she NOT wish for the good before her 'friend' was 'doing good'?   Now what I'm wondering is are people being too over-sensitive or are we living in a completely JEALOUS state where we just make assumptions that everybody is jealous of us?  Hmmmmmm it's tricky.  It's all down to this competitive behaviour where everybody is trying to out-do everybody, all these things are tied together.  'Keeping up with the Joneses' is what the problem is but that's DEFINITELY NOT my thing because as I've said many a time before, that's not my style and whilst people are so busy trying to keep up, I honestly hand on heart DON'T see the Joneses.  I live for ME, do what I LIKE and focus on MY FAMILY.  My belief is that a lot of people have allowed JEALOUSY to take over their mind and this can only be destructive because when you're jealous, whether of a partner, family member, work colleague or friend it clouds your thought process and changes your behaviour and your actions are not logical anymore.  I DON'T LIKE jealousy, I seriously KNOW it's VERY UNHEALTHY and DESTRUCTIVE too.  My feeling is since this woman on the bus was so highly offended by the GRUDGE comment I don't think her and the successful 'friend' are going to remain friends anymore.  It's almost as if we have to be careful of what we say nowadays because it can be misinterpreted quite badly, so something MINOR could turn into something so MAJOR and end a friendship just like that.  Makes you think!!!

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