Friday, 16 September 2011

Is LOVE DEAD or have ULTERIOR MOTIVES taken over???

I often wonder this and more so over the past few years.  I don't actually believe that love is dead, I think people are after 'other things'  under the pretense of  "LOOKING FOR LOVE" and don't work on the LOVE aspect anymore. I really believe the culture we live in today has no space for REAL LOVE to be a part of life.  People seem to be complaining about relationships and always man-bashing or woman-bashing likewise but people are not coming forward with their REAL TRUE SELF which that in itself is the start of the problems. Also nowadays people are not taking the time out to even see if they're compatible with a future mate, if you have things in common, that you're on the same page, that the person has characteristics and ways that you desire or want in a possible partner.  Nope, people have this thing with them now where they just want to see what they 'can get' out of someone, just after material things or want to be looked after financially etc etc, and this is NOT just women searching for 'money-men' I also know of men trying to chase 'rich women'.  People on a whole should NOT be impressed by one's clothes, car or where they live, because if you strip all them things away there's still a human being under all of that and that's what you NEED to be checking out and NOT anything else.  If people are looking for TRUE LOVE, they need to overlook all of the material things and figure out if that's the kind of person you would and could fall in love with.  At the same time as well as you being out there searching for a mate, you have to check YOURSELF first-1) do you have a good personality?  2) do you have inner qualities that shine through? 3) have you got good characteristics that would make somebody WANT to be with you LONG-TERM? 4) can you stimulate a person's mind, entertain them, have intellectual conversations? 5) can you be the type of mother/father a partner would want to raise their children?  there's so much to relationships, not just  physical attraction/sex appeal and DEFINITELY NOT ULTERIOR MOTIVES.  Life now is such a rush, EVERYTHING is done in haste, we need to go back to the old days when you would court somebody, take it slow, get to KNOW if that somebody is really for you BUT the times we're living in now it's all being done BACKWARDS n that's why people CAN'T MOVE FORWARD!!!!

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